More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Women in Sport Week

Women in Sport Week

Women in Sport Week returns in March 2024

Women in Week takes place from 4th – 10th March 2024 !!!!

The aim of Women in Sport Week is to introduce a wide variety of inclusive activities specifically for women and girls to enjoy and highlight the benefits of being active in a social and supportive environment. We also aim to provide greater visibility to the opportunities for females to become more involved in sport and physical activity.

Meath LSP will be hosting a variety of games and activities during Women in Sport Week 2024. All programme will focus on Girls and Women of all AGESABILITIES and FITNESS LEVELS

A team collaboration where all members of staff were involved to ensure inclusivity across the sections including Disability, Older Adults, Disadvantaged, Youth and Children.

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Its My Time is an activity programme specifically designed for women 40+. It incorporates a range of flowing exercises to gently add flexibility and tone the body and is especially suitable for women experiencing changes due to age and lifestyle.

0-3k  & 3-5k is a 6-week Social Running Programme led by experienced club coaches and is suitable for complete beginners and also those with some running experience. 

Walking Netball  for Women is a friendly and inclusive programme, allowing women the opportunity to find their place in the sport. It’s netball, but at a walking pace where the rules are slightly tweaked. 

Social Soccer for Women 16+  is a new programme with Meath Local Sports Partnership, the FAI and local soccer clubs. The aims of the programme are to increase women’s participation in soccer for fun & participation and upskills previous players. 

PDP 1 – All Female Soccer Coaching Programme – provide the opportunity for women to avail of training & education in coaching/officiating and support a pathway for them taking on leadership roles within their clubs.

Coaching Teenage Girls – The 3-hour workshop is designed specifically to support coaches/parents of girls aged 12-17 years of age.

Socia-Ball (Social Basketball for Women) Social Basketball mainly emphasizes on participation, fun and fitness.  In this fun and social setting where participants have the opportunity to learn the key basketball skills and play in a supportive environment without the pressure of competition.

HER MOVES – Girls Choice – Meath Travellers Workshop multi-sport programme for teenage girls 13 – 17 yrs following the principles of #HER Moves

Badminton for Women 18+ and Girls 10-17yrs – Meath LSP are delighted to support Badminton Ireland in rolling out their new Come & Try Badminton for Women and Girls taking place in Colasite na hInse, Bettystown.

Active Women – Navan – A fun filled activity hours for women 18+ introducing a variety of games and activity such as Pickleball & Circuits.

HER WORLD HER RULES – Basketball Blitz for 50 girls (8-10yrs) across Meath hosted by Basketball Ireland.

Olympic Handball for Teenage Girls – Meath LSP are delighted to support Olympic Handball Ireland in hosting a Come & Try Handball for Girls (13 – 17 yrs)

Run Jump Throw for Teens – an inclusive programme incorporating a variety of activities for teens with a disability 

For more details on all Women in Sport programmes, please contact Lisa at