More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

‘HER’ Outdoors Week

Her Outdoors 2024   12th – 18th August

HER Outdoors returns once gain from 12th – 18th August. We will be hosting some fabulous events for women and girls to showcase activities in the outdoors.

HER Outdoors week aims to celebrate and encourage more females to get out and enjoy the benefits of being in the outdoors while bringing visibility to the opportunities for females to get involved in outdoor physical activity.

This week is all about providing more opportunities for ALL females to escape to the outdoors and try something new. For such a tiny island, there are so many incredible outdoor activities on offer and this should be celebrated to the fullest! Meath LSP are hosting a variety of events for girls and women of all ages – come and try something new and see the opportunities that are available in the great outdoors……

Registration for Programmes will be available in July