3-5k Jog to Run Programme

With recent Covid restrictions coming into effect this week, Meath Local Sport Partnership are re-launching the popular 0-3k and 3-5k (podcast) programme starting Monday 2nd November.

For those wishing to start running or continuing their running journey, this podcast is the ideal running companion over the next 6 weeks.  It can be completed on your own or with a friend and is a great way to stay connected with structured training sessions when club training is no longer available.  Each Podcast programme cost €10 and once you have registered you will receive your podcast three times a week for a period of 6 weeks. It can be completed at a local park, in your garden, or in your home at a time that suit you best (please adhere to the 5k rule).

3-5k Podcast programme is aimed at participants who have completed our beginner 0-3k programme and those who have some walking/jogging experience. It is a step by step guide where our tutor Andrea McGuinness will build on your fitness level and bring you to jogging/running a distance of up to 5k over 6 weeks.                                                                      To Register:        https://eventmaster.ie/event/jbOdSE0TBz

What you need:

  1. Your commitment for 3 days each week
  2. Garden/field/road or space in your home where you can be active
  3. Runners & comfortable clothing

Let this be your COVID 19 challenge – remember 2020 as the year you completed your first 5k!

For more details on how to register for the 0-3k Podcast Programme:   https://eventmaster.ie/event/mMYDCyVFM8 

Please adhere to the 5k rule.                All Podcasts have been pre-recorded.

Meath LSP plan to resume Club 0-3k Programmes when restrictions ease in the following locations:

Navan AC – Claremont Stadium

Kells AC – Fair Green, Kells

Tara AC – Running Track, Ross Cross

3-5k Cool Down Stretches


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