More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

LGBTQ Sports Clubs/Communities

Sporting Pride is the recognised sports association for the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland, whose mission is to inspire the LGBTQ+ community to get active.

Working closely with Sport Ireland, 60+ National Governing Bodies (NGBs), 29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) third level institutions and the LGBTQ+ sport clubs profiled here, Sporting Pride aims to:

  • Increase the number of LGBTQ+ people leading active lives; and
  • Promote the positive benefits of fitness and exercise to one’s physical and mental health and well-being.

We want to help sporting organisations develop inclusive programmes that will continue breaking down barriers, increase participation rates and making sport in Ireland a safe and welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community at all levels, whether players, supporters, coaches, officials or volunteers.