More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Family Fun Games

These games focus firstly on being FUN for all the family. They are easy to understand, easy to replicate and require very little equipment. Alternatives are provided so if you don’t have the equipment, household items can be used instead.

These games are not only for fun but for passing the time during this period of isolation and getting the recommended activity levels in. They also focus on improving children’s physical literacy and FUNdamental movement skills, which is so important in allowing children to move confidently in a wide range of activity and sports settings.

Improvements in these fundamental movement skills – throwing, catching, balancing and skipping lead to motivation, increased confidence and competence to move and keep active for the rest of their lives. Scroll through the large bank of games below!

Meath LSP Family Fun Game Adaptations

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Game 1/2 Adaptations

  • Size of blanket/towel can be changed to incorporated more or less participants.
  • Activities can be adapted to have all family members seated.
  • A Jingle Ball or a balloon filled with rice can be used as an aid to participants with a visual impairment.

Game 3/4 Adaptations

  • Feather can be replaced by a balloon and can instead be kept up by hand.
  • Distance between participants in ping pong ball can be decreased.
  • The size of the target in ping pong ball catch can be increased e.g lunch box.

Game 5/6 Adaptations

  • Distance of long jump can be increased/decreased to suit participants.
  • Instead of jumping participants can complete a timed shuttle the distance of the long jump.
  • The movements/actions in action dice can be adapted if needed to incorporate all participants.

Game 7/8 Adaptations

  • Balance Beam can be done without shoes or with arms linked to support a person with a visual impairment.
  • Two lines can be taped down side by side to allow a wheelchair user to participate.
  • The distance and size of the target used for Indoor Bowls can be varied to suit participants.

Game 9/10 Adaptations

  • Item can be held in place or item can be varied to make it easier to balance – a small cone would be perfect for this.
  • Number squares can be increased in size to allow for wheelchair users to participate.

Game 11/12 Adaptations

  • Balloon can be filled with rice to help participants with a visual impairment to play.
  • Distance of throw can be changed if needed.
  • Target size can be increased using items such as a hula hoop.

Game 13/14 Adaptations

  • Noises can replace the colours for participants with a visual impairment.
  • The spaces between and height of the objects used in alligator alley can be varied if needed.

Game 15/16 Adaptations

  • The object & how it’s carried can be altered in Potato Drop to suit the participants needs.
  • The size of the ball & target can be increased in Indoor Croquet.
  • The ball can be rolled instead of being hit.

Game 17/18 Adaptations

  • Two players can participate in the balloon volleyball.
  • The height of the net used in balloon volleyball can be reduced.
  • Space can be increased in spider web maze.

Game 19/20 Adaptations

  • Angry Birds targets can be increased in size and the distance of the throw can be decreased.
  • Follow the line course and activities can be adapted to allow wheelchair users participate by widening the path and giving activities that can be performed in a chair e.g overhead punches.
  • Visual Impaired participants can guided around the course by a sibling or parent.

Game 21/22 Adaptations

  • Participant can be paired up with a sibling or parent who can take the lead on placing the X/O while the child does the run out and carries the marker.
  • Having the X/0’s in an individual colour e.g X= red, 0= blue can also help.
  • Movement chain can see everyone seated in chairs if needed to incorporate participants with reduced mobility or wheelchair users.
  • The breaking the chain rule can also be discarded if needed allow for more unstructured free movement to take place.

Game 23/24 Adaptations

  • The size and distance of the target in sock basketball can be altered.
  • The spaces between the tape in tape maze can be increased.

Game 25/26 Adaptations

  • Target practice the size object being throw and the size of the target can be increased to improve the chances of hitting it.
  • The distance of the throw can also be reduced for Target practice.
  • Tape Shape Game can see participants in chair zig-zag or wheel backwards to the next shape.

Game 27/28 Adaptations

  • Distance of target in ring toss can be altered & target size can be increased.
  • Pillowcase race can be changed up to suit with the possible use of a bigger sheet to allow more participants.

Family Games Demonstrations!

Meath LSP tutor Mags Bellew with the help of her kids show families how to play some of our fun family games! Check it out below!