More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Adventure Walking App

Meath Local Sports Partnership is leading a new innovative programme which integrates modern technology, physical activity and having fun! It is a new and exciting programme to encourage families to get out and exercise together. Funding for this new programme has been provided under the Healthy Ireland measure.

The Adventure Walks app is a collection of 1 and 2 km treasure hunts. All treasure hunts are designed for families with children from ages 4 – 15. Families can get out and about exploring somewhere new, or seeing somewhere they have lived all their life. Meath LSP is currently trialling the app in Blackwater Park in Navan – our aim is to develop this app in as many parks and towns in Meath as feasibly possible over the coming year.

There are 8 treasure hunts mapped in Blackwater Park – most of which are both buggy and wheelchair inclusive.

This app is FREE to download and requires minimum personal information.


How to use the Adventure Walk App

  1. Download app onto your phone
    • For Apple phones – visit the App store, search for Adventure Walk App (see image) and download
    • For Android phones – visit Google play store, search for Adventure Walk App (see image) and download
    • You will need to enable Mobile Data services on your phone
  1. Username
    Select username of choice – can be your family surname, your pet’s name, whatever you choose to enter
  1. Select language
    Select between English and Irish language
  1. Select County
    Currently there are 4 counties in Ireland participating on the Adventure Walks app – for the purposes of this programme,  please select Meath.
  1. Select venue
    At the moment, Adventure Walks app is only available in Blackwater Park – please select Blackwater Park
  1. Choose treasure hunt
    There are 8 treasure hunts to chose from, each represented by a different celebrity. You will be asked to pick a celebrity and to either help them find a trophy, lost keys or a code. Follow the map, locate the treasure, answer a question and move onto the next treasure.

    Each time you complete a course you will be awarded 100 dollars; you need to collect 1000 dollars (10 courses) to unlock the most difficult challenge (celebrity – Johnny Sexton). You can repeat the same course as many times as you wish.

    Happy treasure hunting!!!


Watch our short tutorial here: