More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Orienteering for Primary & Secondary Schools

Orienteering is a fantastic outdoor activity that combines running/walking with navigation (traditionally using a map and compass). Participants use their speed and coordination to locate a number of flags located around a course in the shortest time possible. Participants can time their run or compete against each other as part of a competitive event.

READY TO GO ORIENTEERING is a new orienteering training initiative that aims to train and equip participants with the skills and ability to teach the fundamentals of the sport of orienteering.Ideally suited for Teachers, Youth Work leaders, School Liaison officers and Community Leaders, the 6-hour training will equip you with the skills and ability to teach the fundamentals of orienteering to others. For more information contact 

Orienteering develops many skills for children & young people including problem solving, teamwork, decision making and self-awareness.

Benefits of Orienteering

  • Time spent outdoors has shown to significantly improve people mental health and reduce stress.
  • Increase Vitamin D levels, improving bones health.
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Sharpens decision making skills – develops navigation skills
  • It’s a great balance between mental and physical exertion
  • Being a part of nature has a calming influence for busy minds

Six Orienteering Courses now available in Meath

All new Orienteering locations include the latest MapRun virtual courses making the activity accessible to anyone at anytime. Each location includes a Short, Medium and Long map with some including a Score Map. Participants are invited to download MapRun app on to their smartphone and follow the guided instructions.

Many mapped locations are inclusive with courses suitable for buggies and wheelchairs

Traditional and MapRun virtual courses are now available in all of the following locations:

MapRun Orienteering is available to individuals, families and also larger groups from Schools, Community and Youth Groups and Age Active and Disability Groups. Each course is designed to include all levels of fitness and ability.  For more details contact Lisa at




For more information

Contact Lisa O'Dowd