More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Online Secondary School Programmes

As part of our response to the current school environment, Meath LSP have provided a variety of online activity programmes available for schools to distribute to students to maintain and increase physical activity while studying at home. These programmes are currently available to all secondary schools in Meath.

Teacher Training

Schools ‘Ready to Go Orienteering’ Programme

Meath LSP invite both Primary and Secondary Schools to express their interest in taking part in a new ‘Ready to Go Orienteering’ programme. Ready to Go Orienteering aims to equip both primary and post primary teachers with the skills to teach the fundamentals of the sport to their class and provide them with the necessary resources to do this. Cost: €60 per school (1 teacher).

Programme consists of:

  • 2 hour online teacher training (April 19th)
  • 1 hour follow up training (May)
  • Resource folder

To register your interest in this programme please email Lisa at

Student Pilates for Teens

Online Programme

Discover the core-strengthening and total-body-toning benefits of this new online Pilates programme specifically aimed towards students and young people (aged 13yrs+)! This 6-part online course increases muscle strength, tones abdominal muscles while also enhancing muscular control of your back and limbs. This is an all body workout – feel the burn!

Yoga for Teens

With the anxiety and worries of todays world and also the physical and emotional changes happening in teenagers lives, a well balanced yoga practice can be a sanctuary to restore calm and a sense of balance for young people today.

Our Teen Yoga class can give teens the tools to face challenges with greater confidence.

This 4 part programme includes a  25 minute Yoga Class aimed specifically towards teenagers.

Online Dance Classes
For Children (and parents)

Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s actually fun. It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination.  Dance is a great aerobic workout and is also known to reduce stress and promote positive mental health. Dancing makes us happy!

Our tutor Aisling Roundtree will take you through two choreographed routines in easy to follow sessions. Both Dance routines are from two of the most popular movies “Hi School Musical” and “Dirty Dancing”. This programme is suitable for both children and adults (cause you’re never too old to dance). It is an ideal programme for complete beginners and also a great way for experienced dancers to learn an exciting new dance routine.

iRunForFun at HOME

iRunForFun is an Athletics Ireland initiative that Meath LSP are proud to promote in post primary schools in Meath. iRunForFun is a recreational running programme that takes place over an initial 6-week period and has been designed to encourage students to actively engage in physical activity and make running part of their school day. It is aimed at students 13+ years and takes just 20 minutes to complete every day. This programme is easy to follow and will see students going from walking/jogging to running up to 5k over 6 weeks. Online running programme and diary available.

Online Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is a highly popular martial art. Experienced Kickboxing Coach – Derek Dawson will guide you through this introductory Kickboxing training session demonstrating the basic techniques of the sport. This introductory Kickboxing is suitable for ages 12+ and must have parental supervision.

If you’re looking for a fun work out which will increase strength, confidence and coordination it could be the sport for you. Popular with teenager it’s a great way to increase strength and physical fitness. Our 4 easy to follow video workouts will guide students and introduce the foundation basics of Kickboxing. Students attending classes will learn a new skill, get in shape and have some fun.

Online TEEN Fitness Challenge

We have an online fitness plan for students  that is easy to follow with structured training sessions over three weeks.

If you want to test your current level of physical fitness and improve your muscular and aerobic endurance, this challenge is for you! After completing the programme you will have the option to challenge yourself to complete the Irish Army Fitness test.

Suitable for both teens and adults – a great way to challenge students to train and compete with their parents to see who could win the Army Challenge.

MapRunF virtual Orienteering now available for all the family

Orienteering is a fantastic outdoor activity that combines running/walking with navigation (traditionally using a map and compass). Participants use their speed and coordination to locate a number of flags located around a course in the shortest time possible.

Meath LSP in collaboration with Irish Orienteering have mapped out two orienteering locations with the latest MapRunF suitable for all the family. This is a virtual Orienteering Course and participants will require a SMART phone and are required to download MapRunF App.  This is a FREE resource for anyone wishing to participate.

MapRunF is now available in:

  • Porch Fields – Trim
  • Blackwater Park – Navan

Both new orienteering locations include the latest MapRunF virtual course making the activity accessible to anyone at anytime. Each location includes a short, long and a score map event. Participants are invited to download MapRunF app on to their smartphone and follow the guided instructions. More information along with a video tutorial on how to use the app is included here.

Programmes are now available for all secondary schools in Meath. For more information or to avail  of any of these programmes please contact Lisa at