More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Games for Life

In May 2010, Meath Local Sports Partnership introduced our Games for Life Programme to older people’s groups and members of Active Retirement groups.

Games for Life aims to provide Bowls, Kurling and Boccia equipment at a reduced cost and training in the games to older people, community groups and disability groups. Games for Life now also provides Flisk equipment and the new activity Box Hockey.

Meath Local Sports Partnership began delivering the Games for Life Programme in May 2010. To date 53 groups have availed of the equipment. 210 members of the groups are trained in Bowls, Boccia, Flisk, Cornhole and Kurling. The purpose of the training is to equip the representatives with sufficient knowledge and skills which enables them to go back to their group and demonstrate to the group how the activity runs. Over 960 older people and disability representatives in Meath have been impacted by this initiative.

Boccia League

Dunboyne Rehabcare won the 2019 Boccia League. The league will resume in February 2023.

Active Retirement Bowls League

Meath LSP invites older adults to participate in our Indoor Bowls League commencing 16th October 2023.

Box Hockey

Box Hockey Tournament will resume in October 2023 in Simonstown GAA Centre.


The objective of the game is to pitch the bags from the pitchers box to the opposite side and land the bags on the board or in the hole.

If your group would like to participate in the Games for Life Programme please contact Ruairi Murphy, Meath Local Sports Partnership on 0469067887 or email