More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Meath Local Sports Partnership launches its strategic plan 2023 – 2027 and celebrates 21yrs in existence.

Meath LSP was established in 2002 by Sport Ireland to “plan, lead and co-ordinate the development of sport and physical activity in Meath”.

An array of guests joined Meath LSP in launching their strategic plan (2023 -2027) and marking their 21st year in Trim Castle Hotel recently. Chairwoman of Meath LSP, Sharon Tolan welcomed guests to the strategy launch, saying that “Meath LSP`s strategy is our commitment to getting the people of Meath more physically active, more engaged in sport with more opportunities to increase their levels of physical activity.  Our work is about leading a shift in culture and a shift in everyday practice where more people, are more active, more often in Meath” .

Sharon thanked all 58 board members (past and present) who have served on the Board of Meath LSP since it was first established back in 2002, for their time and level of engagement with Meath LSP. She acknowledged all the past members including past chairpersons, Conall Collier and John Holian for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the event.

Sharon, concluded by, thanking the staff of Meath LSP for their tremendous dedication, commitment and positivity they have shown over the past 21yrs.

Speaking on behalf of Meath County Council, CEO Fiona Lawless, Fiona highlighted the “mutually beneficial relationship” which has existed between Meath Co Co and Meath LSP since its establishment and which  has been reinforced over these past 21 yrs through the successful implementation of shared initiatives.

Fiona went on to say “together both our organisations strive to provide opportunities which foster inclusive environments designed to increase levels of physical activity and sport. Over the past number of years Meath County Council has provided funding support to a number of National Governing Bodies of Sport to employ sport development officers in Meath, delivering programmes directly to those most disadvantaged in our society”.

“We are thankful to Meath LSP for the role they`ve undertaken in providing oversight and direction to those officers and their National Governing Bodies of Sport. This collaborative approach ensures that tailored programmes are made available across the lifespan of our residents whilst eliminating barriers  based on age, ability, background or economic status”.

Oisin Foley, Partnerships Manager with Sport Ireland, speaking at the launch, congratulated Meath LSP on the development of their latest strategic plan. He went on to say that, “Sport Ireland has always promoted the health benefits and positive social impact of sports participation for all individuals, families and communities”, and he  was delighted to see the emphasis Meath LSP have placed on this throughout their strategy.

Oisin, concluded by saying, “as with all strategic planning processes, the published document is only one part of an important and complex procedure. He commended “Meath LSP on the extensive consultation, evaluation and research carried out during the development of this strategic plan, during a period when such work became more challenging than ever. This process produces a strategy that meets the needs of the communities in Meath and has buy in and support across the county”. He thanked, in particular, the staff and board members of Meath LSP, as well as all stakeholders and partner organisations who were involved in developing this strategy and who will contribute to its successful delivery.

Mary Murphy, CEO of Meath LSP, acknowledged the tremendous support received over the years from Meath County Council, Sport Ireland, the network of Local Sports Partnerships, local statutory agencies, groups, clubs and communities.

In addition to that support, Mary said “that Meath LSP are very lucky to have a highly qualified and motivated Board and staff involved with Meath LSP; including excellent tutors and coaches who all deliver to exceptionally high standards. On behalf of Meath LSP, she “extended her sincere thanks to all for their ongoing commitment, energy, and engagement with Meath LSP”.

2023 marks 21yrs in existence for Meath LSP – in celebrating this occasion, Meath LSP produced a video highlighting the past 21yrs. This video is available to view HERE. A special presentation was made by Meath LSP Chairperson, Sharon Tolan to Jackie Maguire, former and recently retired CEO of Meath County Council for her continued support shown to Meath LSP over those years.