More People, More Active, More Often
More People, More Active, More Often

Enjoy Tennis

Enjoy Tennis is the Tennis Ireland programme for players with a disability to learn and enjoy playing tennis in clubs throughout Ireland.

Enjoy Tennis is a programme developed by Tennis Ireland in conjunction with local disability service providers including Stewarts Care, Carmona Services and St. Michaels House. The Enjoy Tennis aim was to initially create access to tennis for people with an intellectual disability and to do so in a way which enables players to continue playing in their clubs on a long term basis. The programme has evolved to develop 5 strands targeting a range of new players.

In Meath, the Enjoy Tennis programme has begun with Blind/VI Tennis being initiated by Meath LSP and Kells Tennis Club targeting players who are blind or have a vision impairment. The game is played in an indoor hall with a specialised ball that makes a distinct sound when it is hit and bounces. The rules are essentially the same while there are exceptions to use smaller courts, allow for more bounces and players must say ‘Ready?’ and ‘Yes’ before they start the play. A qualified Tennis Ireland coach delivers the programme and has the equipment required to play the game.

VI/Blind Tennis in Meath takes place weekly:

  • Sunday 12-1pm
  • Kells Tennis Club
  • Kells Club – Coach Richard Turner
  • €5 per session

If you would like to learn more about VI Tennis please call Richard Turner (Kells Tennis Club Coach) on 086-8524410.