Junior Club Leader

Pictured above: Tara/Skryne FC & Navan RFC 

Junior Club Leader is a comprehensive training initiative for young female players and athletes to learn the necessary leadership skills and empower them to become more active within their own club setting. The programme equips young learners with the confidence and competence to plan, develop, lead and evaluate physical activities to teams and groups. This all-inclusive programme incorporates Leadership Skills, Sports First Aid and CARA Ireland – Disability Awareness training. This programme can be used to create a pathway for young players and athletes to become more involved in club development and management, taking on roles such as junior/assistant club coaches, officials and junior administration committee members.

Junior Club Leader is a certified course providing the ideal starting point for learners aged 16+ years who wish to develop their leadership skills, whilst under the direct supervision of their Tutor. The syllabus is designed to develop confident leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sports and recreational situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. It has a multi-sport practical approach where learners are introduced to a wide variety of generic and sport specific games and activities.   

The course is delivered over a 3-4 day period from  and each trainee leader received a Leadership Resource Manuals. If your club is interested in promoting Youth Development within your club setting please contact Lisa O’Dowd at lodowd@meathcoco.ie or (046) 9067337 for more details.

Pictured above: St. Patrick’s GAA Stamullen U16 Girls