Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme NOW OPEN!

€10 million Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme to support the development of new outdoor recreational infrastructure along with supporting the maintenance, enhancement or promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure in rural areas across Ireland. 

The funding is split into 3 measures

  1. Small Scale repair/promotion and marketing (Available to LA & local development companies)
  2. Medium scale repair/Upgrade and new trail/Amenity development (Available to LA)
  3. Large scale repair/upgrade and new strategic trail/amenity development ( Available to LA & State agencies)

Applications close on the 30th September for measure 1 and the 30th November for Measure 2 & 3. 

Further information can be found here – https://www.gov.ie/en/press-release/fd864-10-million-outdoor-recreation-infrastructure-scheme-will-support-tourism-and-community-wellbeing-in-post-covid-recovery-minister-ring/

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