Operation Transformation – Self Isolation

Calling all households!!

In these uncertain times that we find ourselves in Operation Transformation – Self Isolation is coming to RTÉ One in April 2020.

Our Operation Transformation experts are developing wellness, food and exercise plans that we would like each household, who have chosen to live in self isolation to follow.  This special series that is not about weight loss

As the population across Ireland learn to live their lives in self-isolation, we want to hear from households from across the country to capture how they are coping behind closed doors since Covid-19 arrived in Ireland.  Whether you are living alone, in a house share, working from home, adapting to home school your children and have chosen to self-isolate our Operation Transformation experts want to support and help you.

Five households will be chosen for this series.  The production will install unmanned cameras in your home to see how each household is living day to day.  Each household will be paid an appearance fee for participation in the series.

The strict social distancing guidelines will be followed by all production team members to avoid any contact with the household members.

Should you and your household wish to be considered for this unique series, please visit www.rte.ie/ot where you will find the application form.

If you require any further information please email optransrte@gmail.com

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