Mobility exercises at your desk

Are you feeling some tightness in your back, shoulders and neck from working at a desk from home?

Meath LSP tutor Cailin McDonagh  will take you through some easy stretches and mobility exercises that will ease the stress on your upper body.

There will be a weekly mobility session for 10 minutes that you can easily replicate at your desk. You can use these simple routines during your work day to help maintain good posture and pain free working from your desk.

Each session will be available on this page and also on our facebook page, Meath Local Sports Partnership.

For more information email Ruairí at

Sit Right While Sitting Tight!

See link below for some helpful tips to optimise your home working space and also some short instructional videos on how to include regular activity stretches throughout the day to address the muscles imbalances that can arise due to prolonged sitting.

Sit Right While Sitting Tight!