Meath to benefit from €144,100 of Dormant Accounts Funding!

Dormant Accounts Funding support – Meath LSP 2018/2019

Total awarded to Meath LSP €144,100.00


Breakdown of Dormant Accounts Funding:

  1. Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs (CSPAH)

The objective of the CSPAHs is to bring local people together and provide a home for local clubs and sports organisations. The Hubs provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for people in disadvantaged areas to get involved in and engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Phase 2 (New area) Johnstown, Navan                                                  €56,600

Phase 1 (Existing hub) Windtown/Blackcastle                                     €40,000


  1. Youth Leadership award

This project involves the development and delivery of specialised Sports Leadership training for young people providing a stepping stone for learners into employment and also into further education or training.

This programme will develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sports and/or recreational situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. It will also assist to develop trained volunteers who can assist with the delivery of sport and recreation initiatives within their community.

The initiative will provide training for young people, keeping them engaged, increasing their responsibility and developing their confidence and self-esteem and will provide an opportunity for lifelong volunteering. The programme has the potential to impact on both early school dropout in disadvantaged areas and dropout rates from sport within the targeted age group.

Funding provided to Meath LSP                                                                                €22,500


  1. Volunteer Training & Support programme

The volunteer supports initiative aims to successfully identify and assist targeted individuals who are volunteering in disadvantaged communities or with people with disabilities to gain community sport and physical activity leadership skills e.g. as coaches, leaders, referees, committee members etc.

This fund will also be used to support Community Coaching programmes or to support standalone training opportunities to support targeted volunteers. This funding stream is only open to individuals operating in a volunteer capacity within disadvantaged communities or with people with disabilities.

This project will contribute to the development of confidence amongst participants, and eventually in the community through the subsequent volunteer sport development work carried out by participants.

Funding provided to Meath LSP                                                                                €15,000


  1. ASPIRE Graduate programme

Meath LSP were successful in our bid to secure a Graduate under ASPIRE Graduate Programme Phase 2. Sport Ireland will employ a graduate on the scheme for a fixed term basis (11 months). The Graduate will be based in Meath LSP for the duration of the programme.

Both Sport Ireland and Meath LSP will support the graduate scheme employees with mentoring, executive coaching and skills development training for the duration of the scheme, ensuring appropriate standards and quality of experience is provided for each employee and host organisation.

It is anticipated that upon completion of the programme, each participant will have gained experience and skills development to ensure their likelihood of securing long term professional employment in the Irish sports sector is greatly increased.


  1. Sports Inclusion Disability Programme Capital Supports

The Sports Inclusion Disability Programme (SIDP) Capital Supports initiative will provide capital support to the implementation of the national SIDP. The fund aims to reduce the barriers to sports participation for people with a disability through the provision of equipment and minor infrastructure. The fund can be used to purchase a range of disability sports equipment and enabling infrastructure including hoists, hand rails, fittings, mats, wheel chairs etc.

Funding provided to Meath LSP                                                                                €10,000


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