Meath Heritage Cycle Tour Pre-event guide

Pre- event guide and information

The Meath Heritage Cycle tour is a leisure cycle event, it is NOT A RACE. Please complete the cycle safely and do not take any risks that put yourself or fellow cyclists in danger. Always show respect for your fellow cyclists and other road users and obey event stewards and officials at all times.

This event is held on open roads with live traffic.  We work closely with An Garda Siochana and local volunteers to provide extensive traffic management along the way. Those people you see in hi-vis vest standing at junctions are volunteers – please show due regard and respect to them. They are there to make your journey more enjoyable.

Sweep Vehicles: A number of sweep vehicles will be following the cycle to ensure that any cyclist who has difficulty completing is given assistance.

Mechanical Support: 

We will have a number of mechanical support vehicles out along the routes. However in advance of the Meath Heritage Cycle tour, we recommend that you have your bike serviced in advance and we advise all participants to carry a pump, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and a couple of spare inner tubes with you. This is crucial to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day.

Medical Support & First Aid:

Civil Defence provides the extensive medical cover for the tour. Emergency Medical Technicians, First Responders, Paramedics etc will located along the various routes with static stations at food/water and start/finish areas.

All cyclists receive an emergency contact card detailing the Mechanical and Medical team`s contact numbers in the event of requiring assistance.

IMPORTANT: Please give way, stop and pull off the road for any emergency vehicles that require access on the route.

An Garda Siochana: Gardaí are deployed throughout the event course to assist at major road junctions, monitoring the event flow and traffic flow, and ensuring the safety of cyclists and the non-event community. Ensure you follow the directions of Gardaí during your cycle.

Stewards: Look out for the friendly and knowledgeable stewards at key junctions and turns who are there to make sure that you are always on target to successfully complete your cycle. Note that the volunteer stewards are not permitted to direct traffic, so take care at intersections and roundabouts.

Motor Cycle Marshals: Throughout the group there will be cycle marshals who will ensure rules of the road are adhered to. Please obey any instructions given by the Cycle Marshals. They will have Yellow coloured bike tags and an Official Cycle Marshal Jersey.

Respect your fellow cyclists: Be aware that the ability and bike handling skills of those taking part will vary. If you are a slower cyclist and you find yourself being passed, then please try to stick to the left hand side and allow faster cyclists to pass on the right. Conversely, if you find yourself behind a slower cyclist, a polite “Left/Right/Inside” should do the trick. Aggression and rude behaviour will not be tolerated.

Cycle Route Directional Signage & Safety First
At strategic locations along the cycle, directional signage will indicate the route you are to follow, indicating where care is required and where safety is your first priority.

Do`s and Don`t of Meath Heritage Cycle tour –100km & 50km cyclists only:


  • Bring your booking pass with you to sign-in
  • Collect your wristband and number from “sign-in (marquee on Castle Street)” either on Sat 28th or up to 30 mins  before your event start time on Sun 29th
  • Wear your wristband at all times during the cycle – you require same for access to food stations and for medical and mechanical support
  • Park in the FREE designated parking area (Porchfields)
  • Make sure that your bike is in PERFECT working order – road bike are preferable, but mountain and hybrid touring bikes are acceptable (Tri-bars not allowed)
  • Wear your helmet at all times – helmets should confirm to CE standard EN1078 (visible on inside of helmet)
  • Rules of the road apply at all times.
  • Cycle on the left at all times – if dismounting walk on the left in single file (be aware of cyclists behind you before you dismount)
  • Cycle 2 abreast
  • Give a shout to fellow cyclist if you are overtaking them
  • Be aware of weather conditions and dress appropriately – wear sun screen if necessary
  • Obey the instructions of the Gardai, road bike Marshalls and stewards.
  • Follow the route as marked and signed – do not stray off the route or cycle against the flow of cyclists
  • Think safety at all times – this event is held on OPEN ROADS.
  • Put out the Child of Prague and face him to the sun!
  • Enjoy the cycle!!


  • Drop litter – respects your surroundings
  • Behave in a manner that may offend or endanger other cyclists and road users
  • Cycle more than 2 abreast unless overtaking other cyclists
  • Ride in a large groups in the middle of the road – all roads are open to live traffic
  • Pass on the left of a cyclist

What to bring:

  • Booking pass confirmation slip
  • Bike & Helmet!
  • Appropriate cycle clothing and footwear
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Basic bike repair kit that includes: 2 inner tubes; puncture repair kit; tyre levers;
  • Mobile phone – fully charged
  • Some cash – in case you need additional supplies along the route & need to pop into a shop

Other items we recommend that you carry:

  • waterproof jacket
  • sun screen
  • sun glasses

Please be aware that weather conditions can change and you should bring appropriate clothing to keep warm in any adverse weather.

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