Learn 2 Cycle at Home

During the Covid-19 restrictions all of the Sports Ability programmes have been postponed. This includes the Learn 2 Cycle programme for children with a disability.

Please see below step by step videos and teaching points to assist parents in helping their child to learn to cycle at home. The videos feature our experienced cycling instructor Noel Connolly from the Cycling Safety School.

Each child develops and progresses individually. The Learn 2 Cycle programme is usually ran over a 6 week period. It is important to have patience with your child and understand that their journey may take longer than 6 weeks.

Learn 2 Cycle videos:

  1. Striding
  2. Gliding
  3. Getting on the bike and starting to cycle



Key Teaching Points (Weeks 1-2):

  • Stabilisers & pedals off.
  • Bum heavy on the seat.
  • Heavy hand on the back to encourage movement (Not Pushing).
  • Slight bend in the knees (not on their tippy toes).
  • Looking forward and not down at the ground.
  • Increase speed when confident enough to.



Key Teaching Points (Weeks 3-4):

  • Build speed up and lift feet off the ground to challenge the balance even more.
  • Gradually increase the distance of the gliding.
  • Lifting the feet off the ground for a longer period of time.
  • Always ensuring the head is up and looking in the direction of travel.
  • Once the child is confident performing these movements pedals can be introduced.


Getting on the bike and starting to cycle

Key Teaching Points (Weeks 5-6):

  • Have the bike in the start position (one pedal height).
  • Grip the handle bars and swing the leg over to the side with the lower pedal.
  • Push hard down on the higher pedal.
  • Pedal and keep the head up looking forward.
  • Slight guidance can be given with a loose hand on the back to assist with balance.
  • Counting out loud can be a good way to encourage cycling for a period of time at the beginning.

If you have any queries or need further resources/support please email Terry at tdonegan@meathcoco.ie