The Daily Mile at Home Challenge

The Daily Mile is an Athletics Ireland initiative. It is normally carried out in primary schools but can be easily adapted for home. Meath have the highest participation in Ireland with over 65 schools taking part in the Daily Mile every day.

It is an easy and fun way to incorporate exercise into our daily activity so why not try it at home and see how easy it is to run a daily mile. It suits everyone regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. Keep it fun and simple so all the family can stay active together everyday.


The basics of the Daily Mile are:

  • Find a space like a back garden measure it out
  • Run within the space to get your daily mile
  • If you have to stop or walk that’s okay, just rest up and go again!
  • Try to line it out with cones to change up the way you run your mile.

Check out this Daily Mile Video:


The Core Principles of the Daily Mile:

  1. FUN: Keep it fun, its not a competition– many will mix running and walking, particularly at the start.
  2. 100%:  It’s fully inclusive – every child, every day. It’s something all the family can do together.
  3. WEATHER:  Treat the weather as a benefit not a barrier – children connect with nature and the seasons. Jackets on in the cold and damp,  sweatshirt off if it’s warm.
  4. ROUTE:  Use cones or objects, mark out a different course every few days to keep it varied.
  5. EVERY DAY: It just takes 15 minutes so try to go out every day – this makes it easier for the children to maintain their fitness and gain the full benefits.
  6. OWN IT: The children should own their Daily Mile. Able-bodied children should aim to run or jog – at their own pace – for the full 15 minutes, but can occasionally walk to catch their breath (if necessary).
  7. SIMPLE: Keep it simple! Resist the temptation to complicate The Daily Mile. Its great strength is its simplicity and this is what makes it so enjoyable and sustainable.

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