Online Fitness Challenge

Do you want to test your current level of physical fitness and improve your muscular & aerobic endurance?

We have an online fitness plan for teenagers/adults that is easy to follow with planned and staged training sessions over three weeks which is COMPLETELY FREE.

You have the option of completing the training and setting yourself a custom goal depending on your own individual fitness level and sporting background:

The Challenge:

  • Run one and a half miles (2.4km)
  • 1-Minute time limit to complete 20 sit ups and 1 minute to complete 20 push ups

You can also choose to progress your fitness and ability to complete the rigours of military training and challenge yourself to complete the Irish Army fitness test. 

The fitness challenge will be split into 3 weeks of planned training sessions where you will be guided through sessions to improve your running ability and muscular endurance. You can follow the training on these easy to understand cards or through videos with a coach. However, it is recommended to follow the videos for safety points, adequate techniques of exercises and stretches and to ensure everything is done properly and safely.

Sample warm ups, stretches, bodyweight exercises and cool downs from a qualified coach are also included to help you through the whole process.

Each participant will receive a YouTube link by email making it easy to log on to the site at a time that suits you best. Links may be viewed as often as necessary allowing time to complete the workouts.


For more information please contact Una Pearson on