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     Local Sports Partnership Initiative

The Irish Sports Council (now known as Sport Ireland) in its first strategy – A New Era for Sport – promoted the notion of Local Sports Partnerships that would promote participation in sport at a local level. During the period covered by this strategy, the ISC established it`s first twelve Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) – Clare, County Cork, Donegal, Fingal, Kildare, Laois, Limerick city, Meath, North Tipperary, Roscommon, Sligo and Meath. In our second strategy – Sport for Life – the ISC again supported the continued expansion of the LSP network, with a further four LSPs – Kerry, Kilkenny, Mayo and Westmeath – established in 2004.

In 2005 the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism commissioned Fitzpatrick Associates, Economic Consultants to undertake a review of the Council’s Local Sports Partnership Programme. The Fitzpatrick Report was presented to the Department in October 2005. The report endorsed the LSP concept advising that with the implementation of 12 specific recommendations the programme should be rolled out nationally on a phased basis. Since the publication of our new strategy; Building Sport for Life 2006-2008, the remaining 17 LSP’s have been established and we now have full national coverage.

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     Background to Meath Local Sports Partnership

Meath Local Sports Partnership (MLSP) was established in 2002 by the Irish Sports Council (ISC) as part of the Local Sports Partnership initiative with the aim of increasing participation in sport and physical activity in County Meath. While the Irish Sports Council is our parent organisation, Meath LSP is established as a company limited by guarantee, governed by a board of directors from statutory, local development, community/voluntary sector agencies and sports organisations across Meath with the role of providing strategic direction for Meath LSP.

Meath LSP are currently rolling out our 3rd strategy –  2014:2017 Active Meath. More people, more active, more often. Full time staff (including a coordinator, office administrator and 5 development officers )are employed to deliver the objectives as agreed in this latest plan.

Staff is supported by part time sports tutors and volunteers. Meath LSP works closely with sports clubs, schools, community organisations and local volunteers, who are fundamental to the capacity of Meath LSP to deliver and support a range of appropriate sports and physical activity programmes.

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What we do

Meath LSP provides a leadership role for the co-ordination, development and delivery of sport and physical activity opportunities in County Meath within the framework of our strategic plan, resources available and partner support. Our three main functions are the provision of information and support, facilitation of education and training opportunities and supporting the development and implementation of programmes and events that encourage greater participation. While we aim to support the increase in participation in sport and physical activity of the people of Meath in general, our priority target groups include young people, older adults, people with a disability, women and teenage girls and disadvantaged groups. We work with and support the work of the staff, volunteers and associates of our partners and stakeholders in promoting participation in sport and physical activity including pre-schools, schools, sports clubs, national governing bodies and community organisations /groups. We are supported by local partners and agencies.

Our three main functions are: 

  1. The provision of Information and Support
  2. The facilitation of Training and Education opportunities and
  3. Supporting the development and implementation of programmes and events that encourage greater participation particularly for our target groups

     Meath Local Sports Partnership Strategy 2014-2017

Download Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

Download Strategic Plan 2007 – 2012

     Our Vision

Active Meath – More People, More Active, More Often

     Our Mission

The mission of Meath LSP is to increase participation in sports and physical activity throughout County Meath by:

    1. Supporting quality sports and physical activity opportunities.
    2. Connecting people with sports and physical activity.
    3. Making best use of County Meath’s sports and physical activity resources.

    Sought Outcomes

More quality sports and physical activity opportunities, participation and resources available to and enjoyed by all in County Meath.

     Meath LSP Values

The following are the key values which shape the actions of Meath LSP:

    • Equality– We recognise that not all people have equal opportunity to participate in sports and physical activity and we commit ourselves to ensuring that our programmes reach out to under represented groups and to advocate for a society where inclusive participation becomes the norm.
    • Sustainability– We will promote, support and advocate for the sustainable development of sports and physical activity in Meath.
    • Integrity – We will endeavour to ensure all our processes, procedures and decisions are undertaken in an open, transparent and accountable manner. We are happy to answer all queries on how our decisions are made.
    • Respect – We will at all times respect the virtue’s and cultures of our partner organisations and those who engage with us.
    • Partnership: Meath LSP is part of a multi-agency network which support and encourage sports and physical activity participation.  Meath LSP is committed to developing sport and physical activity by working in partnership with all stakeholders in order to maximise impacts for our county.


Meath LSP has taken the decision to adopt and ultimately comply with the Governance Code. As an organisation we anticipate that we will be fully compliant be end of year 2017. The Board of Meath LSP signed up to the Principles of Good Governance on the 24th August 2016.

Principles of Good Governance

     Structure of Meath Local Sports Partnership

Meath Local Sports Partnership is a company limited by guarantee. It employs a full-time Sports Co-ordinator, 4 Sports Development Officers and 2 Be Active. Our staff members have sports and administration backgrounds and are closely involved in co-ordinating and promoting increased provision and participation in sports and physical activity for the people of Meath.

Meath Local Sports Partnership has a Board of Directors and Executive Committee representing key agencies, sports groups and communities throughout the county. The board meets on a bi-monthly basis to work on operational and strategic issues.

Meath LSP`s office is located in the Town Hall, Watergate Street, Navan, Co. Meath

    Meath Local Sports Partnership Staff

Mary Murphy


Lynn O’Reilly


Ruairi Murphy

Senior Sports Development Officer

Lisa O’Dowd

Sports Development Officer
with specific focus on Women, Schools & Youth Development

Luke Condie

Sports Development Officer
with specific focus on Older Adults & Walking Initiatives

Terry Donegan

Sports Inclusion Disability Officer

Una Pearson

Community Sports Development Officer

  Board members

Chairperson: Sharon Tolan

Company secretary: Gerry O Connor

Treasurer: Gerry O Connor


Padraig Fitzsimons; Paddy Kelly; Dwyne Hill, Moira Aston, Alison Lynch