Buntús Programme

Buntús Play and Buntús Multi Sport are two exciting programmes developed to support teachers and other adults in introducing young people to sport and helping to develop their interests. Buntús Play and Buntús Multi Sport will initially be delivered by teachers in schools in support of the Physical Education curriculum.

The three key components of the programme – training, resource cards and equipment – are designed to provide easy to understand, and accessible support to give children a fun, but high quality, introduction to sport.

The Buntús programme will be nationally co-ordinated and locally delivered and seeks to:

  • Raise the profile of physical education and sport.
  • Improve in-service training opportunities for teachers.
  • Assist Governing Bodies of Sport to develop and deliver appropriate support for teachers.
  • Provide enjoyable and meaningful activity for children.
  • Support delivery of the National Curriculum.

The Irish Sports Council recognises the major role that sport can play in the lives of young people. It is important that an enjoyable multi-sport and non-competitive model is used to introduce our children to sport that will complement and enhance both our school and community sport programmes.

Most children are introduced to sport in their homes or their surrounding community. It is essential that there are locally driven initiatives available to them through school and within their local environment if they are to see sport as central to their overall development and as a lifelong physical and social tool.

The planning for, the delivery of the Buntús programme must reflect opportunities for young people to take part, regardless of their ability, gender, ethnicity or background. The Irish Sports Council’s responsibility is to ensure that opportunities are accessible, that publicity/promotion reflects open access and that teachers are supported to implement this.

Schools and teachers who have undergone a programme of Buntús training can only access equipment and resources cards. This training is a critical part of the programme and its quality is what affects their success.

All Primary Schools in Meath have trained in the Buntús Generic Programmme. Meath LSP offers training for new teachers and refresher training in the Buntús Gereric Programme.

Buntus Training has been put on hold due to lack of funding and equipment. 


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