Activities for Adults (over 18yrs)

Meath LSP have put together the following physical activity opportunities and resources for adults (over 18yrs) to help you to remain active whilst adhering to the HSE physical distancing guidelines. Click links below for further information.

Beginners Pilates 

Meath LSP are starting a four week online Pilates programme on Wednesday 22nd July at 7pm on Zoom. Improve your strength, flexibility and balance from the comfort of your own home with experienced Physiotherapist Siobhan.

3-5k – Jog to Run Programme

The 3-5k Jog to Run Programme is a 6-week podcast programme aimed at participants who have completed our beginner 0-3k programme and those who have some walking/jogging experience.

Women on the Move

This programme is perfect for women over 18 who are looking to get into exercise. Takes place Wednesdays in Blackwater Park, Navan.

Walking Football

Walking football is a variant of association football that is aimed at keeping people aged over 40 involved with football.

Walk n Tone for over 70’s

Gentle exercises for Over 70’s every Wednesday in Blackwater Park, Navan.

Dance in the Park

Outdoor Dance Programme for people 55yrs+ in Blackwater Park Navan every Monday at 11amOur dance teacher will introduce you to Line Dancing and the Waltz.

Home Circuit Classes

Ciara McCormack (Meath LSP tutor) will take you through this 20 minute circuit type workout which is suitable for beginners and requires minimal equipment! Suitable for all ages.

Sit and Get Fit Online Classes for Older Adults 

Join Meath LSP tutor – Carmel Dowdall online for chair based exercise to music classes. These classes focus on improving strength, mobility and balance along with having loads of fun!

Easy Exercises for Older Adults Booklet

The HSE have a great physical activity booklet to help you keep active at home! This physical activity booklet includes some gentle exercises that can be completed daily.

Mobility exercises at your desk

Meath LSP tutor Cailin McDonagh will take you through some easy stretches and mobility exercises that will ease the stress on your upper body while working from home.

Meath Running Group – Running Tips/Videos

Our Meath Running Group tutor Cailin McDonagh provides weekly running tips and  demonstrates exercises specific to runners of all levels who wish to improve technique, speed and distance.

Men on the Move Zoom Workouts

Meath LSP tutors will host online classes on Zoom for the participants in Ashbourne, Kells and Navan. New men are also welcome to join the live Zoom sessions. Please contact Ruairi at to register.

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